About the Herodicus Society


The Herodicus Society is private organization of elected orthopedic sports medicine specialists.

Mission Statement

The Herodicus Society is a collegial group of orthopedic leaders whose mission is to share clinical experience and research to promote education and improve care for patients and athletes.

Annual Meeting

The Herodicus Society's annual meetings are open to members and invited guests only. With the exception of 2020, the Society has held a meeting annually since its inception in 1975. Past locations include Nashville, TN (2021), Sun Valley, ID (2011), White Sulphur Spring, WV (2012), American Resort, WI (2013), Victoria, BC (2014), Lyon, France (2015), Colorado Springs, CO (2016), Pebble Beach, CA (2017), San Diego, CA (2018), Brewster, MA (2019).